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The Preposterous Bookstore

February 2013
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My friend and I were at the bookstore sometime last week when we noticed something strange—some prices they put on the books were just absurd. He needed to get a paperback book for his 100-level engineering class and the book cost over a hundred dollars. When we looked on Amazon for the same book, it was only thirty dollars. I understand that the bookstore needs to make a profit when they sell their books, but seeking a profit margin of over 200% is just outrageous and unscrupulous to say the least. College is expensive and it just doesn’t make sense for the bookstore to be charging so much, especially coming from a school where the tuition isn’t cheap. I talked about it with him for a few minutes and jokingly, we reached a conclusion that we should create our own website that would be for Trinity and would charge half as much as the bookstore. This way, we would make a profit and we would be helping the students. Obviously this will never happen though, which student has the time for that nowadays.


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