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When E.T. and I.T. Meet ID

February 2013
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Thomas Friedman’s oped, “When E.T. and I.T. Meet ID” was an interesting one. I remember reading a lot of his books on globalization when I was in high school so I figured this was going to be an interesting read. One thing I really liked about his writing was how factual it was. I really didn’t see much of his opinion on the topic—it was mostly statistics. I also liked how he organized this piece. It started with a personal account of his visit to India, then the statistics defending his point, and finally a conclusion, which briefly reflected on the underlying message. This article mainly talked about energy innovation in India and how this can help third world countries get out of poverty. I enjoyed reading it because I was able to relate to a lot of what he said. I remember going to India for vacation when I was a child and the experience was the last thing from a “vacation”. The power was usually shutoff by 9 o’clock so that meant to T.V, no games, no hot water, no nothing. Having a sustainable energy source is critical in third world countries and I loved how Thomas Friedman emphasized if that is achieved, then it will be easier for the education system and all else to fall into place.


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